(2016 / 2017 School Year)

Lowville Youth Wrestling is offering a youth wrestling development and training program for boys and girls grades K through 8. The Lowville Youth Wrestling program is designed to teach the fundamentals of wrestling, and develop the upcoming generations of Lowville wrestlers. This is an instructional program for all skill levels. We encourage participation by beginning wrestlers and experienced wrestlers alike. Our focus is to teach the fundamentals of the sport, help players develop wrestling skills, and good sportsmanship in a fun and positive environment. We realize that the sport of wrestling will be new to many kids (and parents) and we want to introduce them to this action packed sport. There will be a great combination of skills, drills, speed & agility training. Kids may participate in tournaments at parent’s discretion.


Open to all Lowville Academy School District children grades K through 8.


Registration Fee: $30.00 :  What is included in the registration fee: NYWAY Membership, wrestling shoes and singlet (availability of quantity/size is limited, and 3-3 tournaments every year.


Practices: Wrestlers will need shorts/tee-shirts (or singlet), wrestling shoes, water bottle (sharing is not allowed) and head gear to each practice (head gear is recommend but optional). Tournaments: Wrestling shoes and wrestling singlet (head gear is recommend but optional).



Practices are currently scheduled Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 PM, **Saturdays 9:00 – 10AM at the Lowville Central High School in the Elementary Cafeteria.


Practices are currently scheduled Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 PM, **Saturdays 9:00 – 10:30AM at the Lowville Central High School in the Elementary Gym (AKA-Wrestling Room).

*The above is a guideline we use as coaches to pair the children up by age and experience. Depending the number of kids, weight and experience the coaches may move a child from the grade K-3 practice to the grade 4-8 practice or move a child from the grade 4-8 practice to the grade K-3 practice.

*Cancellation/Changes to practice schedule – If we need to cancel or change a practice due to weather we will notify everyone by website ( and Facebook page.

**Saturday Practice will only be for Months of December and January


There are wrestling tournaments almost every weekend starting in early December and go through the month of April. It’s up to you as the parent to pay/sign your child up for the tournaments and decide how often you want to send your child and how far you are willing to travel to the tournaments. The Lowville Youth Wrestling program will try to keep parents informed of tournaments via our website.   Make sure you read the information flyer for each tournament, as some have restrictions.   The cost of tournaments varies however most of them are 25 dollars. The Lowville Wrestling program makes every effort to cover the costs of 3-4 tournaments every year. For those that are new to wrestling, tournaments usually are Saturday mornings with the weight-ins starting around 7am and wrestling starting between 9 and 10.   Most tournaments are done between 2-3pm.   If you have further questions about how tournaments are run, please see any coach for further details.


New York Wrestling Association for Youth represents youth wrestling K-12. NYWAY is built by New York wrestlers & their families for New York wrestlers. The primary mission of NYWAY is to keep funneling money back into New York State wrestling. In order to wrestle most tournaments your child has to have a NYWAY Card, and as part of your fee to join the Lowville Wrestling Youth program the club pays for your child’s membership. For more information please visit


The North Country Wrestling League is another opportunity for your child to wrestle. The league consists of about 7 different schools in the area where. We participate in “dual meet” matches (similar to varsity matches). “Dual Meet” matches are team events where each child wrestles at their weight class to earn points for their team.   This can be highly competitive and is not for every child. If you feel your child would like to participate please let one of the coaches know.


Open Date: Now

Close Date:   December 9th 2016



DATE: November 9th 2016


LOCATION: Lowville Academy School

*If there is an issue with the registration fee please see Carl Freeman.  


Carl Freeman

Lowville Youth Wrestling President